A Closet from Thin Air?

Living or moving into a home that just doesn’t have enough closet space?

Let’s face it, we like our clothes! Fashions and trends grow, change, die… and then come back again! And so much of what we have can be mixed and matched and made into chic new looks. But how can we keep it all, keep it organized, keep it in good condition and still sit down on a chair or sleep in a bed that is piled with clothing?

Clothes in closet, bed is for sleep!Hey, sleep is overrated, right? No, not so much. A good night’s sleep and sitting down to eat a meal are good things.

So, let’s get creative here and work with what we’ve got.

Do you have a spare room or guest room that is acting as a random storage space or sitting empty waiting for your sister’s annual visit? Or, do you have an oversized room (bedroom, bonus room, laundry room) whose space is wasted and undefined? These un- or under-used spaces are the perfect place to start.

Martha Stewart suggests having a ‘formal’ closet space built into that area. Trying to keep your budget small?  Consider creating something less entailed by simply adding clothing racks, shelving and bins. No matter which way you decide to go, take a look around. Is there a space you’ve overlooked in your home, that will fit the bill? Try going for it!

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