Moving with a sofa bed

Sofa Bed: Should it Stay or Should it Go

It’s gotten you through countless sleepovers and lots of movie nights. Remove the cushions and you’ll probably find some snack crumbs and other little doo-dads. Yes, it’s your sofa bed!

Sofa beds are not always the most comfortable for sleeping (yes, this may be a gross understatement), but some are not so bad at all. We can’t deny though, that a sofa bed opens up awesome opportunities for creating multi-functional spaces. A home office that can convert to a guest room at a moment’s notice is not a bad trick to have in your back pocket.

Therefore, you may be unwilling to part with your sofa bed when you move to a new home. Whether you’re upsizing OR downsizing, the possibilities for it’s new life can still be very worthwhile.

When you are ready to make your move, consider if the value of taking it with you. Is it still in good shape or did kitty use the arms as a scratching post? Will it fit in your new space or will your new room be larger, and therefore might want a sectional instead? Does the mechanism still work well? Will it’s style match your new decor, or will it clash?

Are you sure moving this sofa bed ourselves is a good idea?

Then you need to consider the moving process, and just how heavy a sofa bed can be! If you have movers to help you, that’s great. However, if moving it on your own is your only option, you may want to consider taking it apart. Especially if you need to get it out a tight doorway and/or down a flight of stairs. Dolly – moving, delivery & heavy-lifting concierge services – gives great advice (including a video) on how to do this.


Don’t take this heavy decision lightly. Plan ahead: should it stay or should it go?

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