Martha Spittal, All Right Moves™ service professional helping our clients get Moved in and Move on!

Organizing Expert: Spotlight on Martha Spittal

Q: When did you decide to become a Professional Organizer?

For years I watched TV shows featuring Professional Organizers, totally intrigued, and thinking “I could do that!” Friends and coworkers told me the same thing. I finally decided to take the leap myself about two years ago.

Q: Why did you choose organizing as your field of expertise?

It fits in with what I’ve always loved doing from the time I was a kid: analyzing and organizing spaces. I like improving both their functionality and esthetics and helping people to achieve their best. I also love the self-employed aspect of it. It gives me freedom to do exactly what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

Q: What is your favorite part of working for All Right Moves™?Martha finds Waldo!

Can I have two favorites? 1) It’s my favorite kind of organizing job — helping someone go literally from unsettled to settled, from chaos to calm. To go from being surrounded by boxes and unable to find anything, to having everything tucked away in a beautiful, logical way. 2) I love the people (both coworkers and clients) I’ve gotten to meet through it!

Q: In what areas of Professional Organizing do you specialize?

I help people experiencing “situational disorganization”.  In particular, those who have been thrown off their organizing game by some major life event (like a move!). As a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, trained in financial coaching by the Dave Ramsey organization, I also help people get and keep their finances in order.

Q: How would you describe your method of organizing?

I see myself more as a coach or guide rather than the hero of the story — kind of like Yoda without the wacky sentence structure. My goal is to help the real hero, the client, discover her or his natural organizing “style” and strengths, and apply them. I ask questions, I listen, I encourage. I work alongside and, from my experience, expertise, and training, I suggest options that I think may best work for the client to reach her or his organizing goals. This allows for more sustainable results.

How to work with Martha:

Martha Spittal is a NAPO professional based out of Wilmington, Delaware. She has assisted in several successful All Right Moves™ relocation jobs in locations in and around New Castle County in Delaware and Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania. Martha is a Professional Organizer and the Owner of Brandywine Organizing. Those who have had Martha work on their relocation job already, can hire her for continued organizing services at a network discount by contacting All Right Moves™.

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