Get your car ready for summertime travel

Your Chariot Awaits

If your home is your castle, then your car is your trusty steed, waiting to charge with you into battle, carry you away for a day of relaxation or speed you off to your next great adventure. ~ Annette Reyman

April is National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month

The seasonal changes that creep in as we move further into the calendar year provide us with natural reminders to review our home and surroundings. “Spring cleaning”, always a buzz line for this time of year, is what first comes to mind. But your house is not the only thing in need of attention in the spring. April, being one of two months that is designated as “Car Care Month” by the Car Care Council, is the perfect time to move car care back to the top of our springtime lists.

A Well Oiled Machine

Funny how we refer to our partnerships and processes as running like a “well-oiled machines”, while often our actual machines may not be well-oiled at all. It’s not just oil changes that will keep our vehicles ready at a moment’s notice. The Car Care Council reminds us of all aspects of auto-maintenance, from headlights to tires and everything in between.

Four Action Items for A Smooth Ride

For the most part, many of us depend on our car’s service warning lights or our periodic mechanic visits to alert us to maintenance needs. In April, take time out and be proactive with these four tasks and you’ll be sitting pretty.

  1. A Clear View. In anticipation of the rainy days of spring, add “new windshield wipers and wiper fluid” to your annual April shopping list. If you can’t recall when your wipers were last replaced, repeating this every April may be the habit that will keep your focus clear.
  2. Tires. Potholes born from winter weather have already taken a toll on our wheels. Adding in the slick driving conditions of a wet spring, it’s a good idea to take a look at your tires right about now. Check if any are low and need air and see how the treads are wearing. Spring is a good time to get your tires rotated and balanced.
  3. Interior. Winter and holiday road trips may have invited some extra baggage, wrappers and other trash into your car. Remove the waste and check supplies (i.e. a notepad and working pen, napkins or tissues, charger for your current cell phone). Your floor mats may also have collected some road sand or debris. A good spring cleaning will help give your ride a fresh feel (and smell)!
  4. Exterior. Sandy, salty and muddy roads have left traces of our winter excursions. Treat yourself and your car to a quick car wash to remove this corrosive residue. Splurge with wax to get a longer lasting effect.

Protect your safety and your investment by keeping up with seasonal car maintenance. Scheduling regular care for this key component of your life’s journey will allow you to enjoy getting there as much as being there!

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