Inviting backyard setting

Sell Your Backyard

The weather is warmer and the real estate market is ramping up for a busy season. The seasonal change offers a unique set of circumstances if you are in the market to sell your home.

We are coming out of a long, cold, wet winter and spring. Showing off the amenities of outdoor spaces may not have been very easy or realistic. Ahhhhh, but now! Flowers are blooming, plants are lush and green and everyone is excited to get outside. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Leverage the season to your advantage.

Curb Appeal Sells Homes

This is the time of year where “curb appeal” is key. Make sure the lawn is cut. Plant grass seed if you have bare spots and add some fertilizer and weed-killer. Clean up sticks, twigs and leaves from the torrential Nor’Easters and cut nice sharp edges around your garden beds. No time for all this? Schedule landscaping service – now is the time that this is worth the investment. You don’t have to do this all yourself (and, you may make more money on the sale if you don’t).

Since we’re seeing weather rapidly approaching the 90 degree mark buyers will want to know they can enjoy the yard comfortably and it is up to you to create that scene for them.

Clean Up your backyard furnishings.

Make sure the grill is shining, the patio table, umbrella and chairs are pulled out, cleaned and set up. Clean off patio furniture that’s been sitting all winter. Consider adding mini LED white lights for extra ambiance around the deck, umbrella, or even in the trees! Add annual flowers in decorative pots, buy new citronella candles for the table, or add some pretty lanterns. Battery operated lanterns work for ambiance safety’s sake – make sure the batteries are new. Create an updated vibe by decorating with some new and colorful outdoor throw-pillows. Make your prospective buyers long to to sit and enjoy a perfectly relaxing backyard sunset dinner!

Do you have a fire pit?

People love this! Make sure it is swept clean and ready to go. “Stage” it with logs or lava rock. Have clean marshmallow skewers nearby. It should look as though you will be lighting it up tonight (whether or not you light it at all this summer).

An indoor screened in porch is another great selling feature.

Screened-in porch

Don’t overlook it! Maybe you’ve used this area as storage space in the past. No more. It should be uncluttered and devoid of dust, dirt and webs. Windows and screens must be clear, making it easy to view your lovely garden and yard. Keep it lightly furnished – a few chairs and a table may be sufficient. Put extra furniture into storage.


Ambience, mood, and vibe are the things to keep in mind as you set your scene.

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