Take action! Take one small step toward getting organized.

Reel Life or REAL Life Organizing?

Books, TV shows, magazine articles, podcasts…….

So much talk about getting organized. Clearly organizing is on everyone’s mind.

As a society, we are coming to realize that, with abundance also comes the burden of its weight. Where do we put it all? How do we protect it? Display it? Make decisions about it? And, at the end of the day, how much therapy do we need to deal with managing it all?!!!

It is certainly a first-world issue, but nevertheless, one that needs addressing if we are going to live and enjoy our lives to their fullest.

So sure, it makes sense to watch “Property Brothers”, “Design on A Dime” or “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. The tips and tricks we find in magazines, on television and elsewhere offer some truly valuable ideas that can support us in daily life. Be wary though of comparing your own home with what you see in the media.

As a productivity/organizing professional and a wife, mom and business-owner, I feel a need to always remember to keep it real. At home or at work, even I am not working with a paid cast of thousands.

Unplug and take action. Try one organizing idea today!
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Yes, those of us who have the opportunity to share our tips and give advice are sharing some real pearls out there, surely worth picking up. But, if the beach is covered in pearls, we have to stop ourselves from picking up every single one lest we end up with buckets of half-formed, mis-matched pearls and no pearl necklace to show for it.

The best organizing and interior design ideas you will find are the ones that match your own particular lifestyle. Think about the members of your family. Is there anyone with physical limitations – a bad back or shoulder – or an elderly grandparent in the house? Do you have small children? Pets? All organizing styles are not right for all people.

Here’s my one tip today:

Turn off the TV. Close the magazine or book. Unplug and try one organizing idea that you have considered. Maybe it is a product – such as a drawer, shoe or pantry organizer. Perhaps it’s a chore chart you read about. Or, possibly a way of folding you think might make life easier. Choose just one and do it, buy it, implement it – now. Resolve to embrace your choice for at least one month. At the end of that month, decide if it works for you or if you need to move on to something different.

Just one thing. That’s it.

Hear and believe that one small (even tiny), positive change will lead to a much larger effect in making your life happier.

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