Stage your Home

Ready to show your house? Are you sure?

Anyone planning to sell their home this Spring needs to get it listed now. And, if you don’t have your home on the market already, you are surely looking to get it up for sale. And fast. But, wait! Not too fast. Have your staged your home yet?

If you’ve heard the word “Staging” and poopooed the idea, I urge you to think twice. Making your home visually appealing to potential buyers makes a real and measurable difference. Both in dollars and in time on the market.

I have bought and sold homes in different regions of the U.S. for over 30 years. While staging holds a higher value in some areas, it is only a question of how much value will be added. The fact that value is added by staging however, is (statistically) true.

Here are three easy ways to find out IF your home need staging and WHAT areas you should focus on:

Clutter in your house will not make your home sell faster.
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

First: Take a look at other houses that are on the market right now. You can do this by going to open houses in your neighborhood or even just shopping around online. Look for houses that may have been staged and look at ones (perhaps For Sale By Owner) that haven’t.

Second: Invite a friend or neighbor over. Living for so long in your own home, you can become clutter-blind. The things that stay out on your dresser or kitchen counter all year may not even be noticeable to you anymore. Ask for honest feedback.

Third: Take pictures. Inside and out. A photograph of an entire room or of one small area of a room is an easier way for you to see your spaces objectively.

It pays to stage your home.
Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

So, I ask again, have you staged your home yet? Don’t hesitate to call a few professionals, like realtors, stagers and professional organizers, for help. The aim is for the money you invest now to make a quick and profitable return. Strike while the market is hot – before summer arrives and the buyers get too hot to shop.

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