NAPO Professional Jennifer Truesdale

Organizing Expert: Spotlight on Jennifer Truesdale

Q: Tell us about your background:

I have 19 years of experience in project and time management skills. My former careers include engineering, purchasing &

Master Closet organized by Jennifer Truesdalelogistics and office management. In addition, I also have a strong balance of creativity and design. I enjoyed flipping my first three homes very much. When I decided to be my own boss and develop a new path, I integrated my technical background with my passions for being creative and working with people.

Over the last ten years I educated myself in the field of organizing and productivity. I studied, took classes and webinars​​, and attended conferences, before getting Board Certified as a Professional Organizer. ​I had no idea I would love working in this field so much and feel very blessed to have made organizing and productivity a career!

Q: What should people look for in an Organizing Professional?

I am a firm believer in education and continuous learning. There is a real difference between an organizer who does this for a living, and one who is a hobbyist. The professional pursues education to strengthen their skill sets and broaden their knowledge base. With a better understanding of client needs, Professional Organizers delve deeply into problem solving to develop appropriate systems and solutions for each project. In contrast, from my experience, the hobbyist focusses more on the aesthetics. My advice is to make sure to ask questions and research your organizer. Then you will be confident that the organizer will be a good fit for your needs.

Home Organizing by Jennifer Truesdale, NAPO Professional OrganizerQ: What makes a NAPO professional different than other, non-NAPO, service providers?

You can’t go wrong with someone that finds value and takes part in professional associations like NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), BCPO (Board of Certification for Professional Organizers), ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and other governed associations that have ​a ​strict Code of Ethics. ​ A NAPO membership shows a commitment to the profession AND to the clients we serve.​

Q: What types of clients or projects do you prefer?Organized Garage

I work with a lot of overwhelmed and busy individuals, as well as small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs. Some of my clients are in the spectrum of challenging disorganization. Ranging from high income executives to busy families; solo-entrepreneurs just starting new businesses to clients with ADHD; or people with hoarding tendencies. The commonalities among people when dealing with disorganization are such that I prefer not to narrow my clients to a niche.​

Q: How do your clients benefit from working with you?

I teach the client easy ways to get started with the organizational process. My solutions offer new ways for maintaining order through implementing functional processes and systems. It is so rewarding for me when a client realizes they’ve had the tools they needed all along and just didn’t know how to use them​. The benefit is that the client feels more control over their life and, subsequently, they are freed up to do more of the things that matter to them, which ultimately makes them happy!Master closet organized by Jennifer Truesdale

Q: What is your favorite part of working for All Right Moves™?​

It’s simple, you go in and do the job. All Right Moves™ takes care of the front end and the back end, so we just have one thing to focus on, and that is completing the project well and making the customer happy.​

Q: What’s your best​​ organizing TIP for someone who is moving?

Don’t wait til the last minute… plan, plan, plan. If you don’t know how to manage the moving project, seek help through professionals that do. As a result, you will save time, stress and money to do it right.​

How to work with Jennifer:

Jennifer Truesdale is a NAPO professional based out of Charleston, SC. She has assisted in several successful All Right Moves™ relocation jobs in locations in and around the Charleston Area. Jennifer is a Professional Organizer and the Owner of STR8TN UP. Those who have had Jennifer work on their relocation job already, can hire her for continued organizing services at a discount by contacting All Right Moves™.

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