Americans and their moving reasons.

Why Would YOU Move?

Moving requires much time, energy, planning and, of course, money. More than that, it requires nerve and a darn good reason! Whatever your moving reasons are, relocating your entire life, career, possessions, furniture, and perhaps even your beloved pet(s) is not something to be taken lightly. So…

What are the reasons that American take the leap? Here are a few.

To Move: Weather Or Not

All Right Moves™ is headquartered in the Northeast U.S. The 4 seasons we experience here offer something for everyone who live in this region. Skiing in winter, beaches in summer and mild weather for the seasons in between. However, many of us want to run to warmer climates when it comes time for freezing cold, sleet,and snow. We are counting down the days until the Spring thaw. Not to mention the “cold and flu season”. Some move South just to get the cold out of their bones. Others, who can’t take the high heat and humidity, head for more temperate areas in the Northwest.

When relocating for weather conditions, the burden of moving must be outweighed by the benefit of more amenable year-round living conditions.

Movin’ On Up

A career change is a common reason for our mobility. Fewer and fewer Americans are staying with one company or career. As a matter of fact, you’re not alone if you have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. We weigh and balance happiness and finances throughout our lives. Making the decision to move for your career or a job change factors in heavily in that balancing act.

Family Matters

Do you love your family, but more so at a distance? – They’re the best…in very small doses. Or, are you so tight that you just couldn’t stand a large, physical distance? You may decide to move to be closer to an aging parent or special-needs family member. Family can be all the reason you need to embrace changing your life and making a move.

If You Don’t Have Your Health…

131 million people, live in regions and counties that have high levels of air pollution. Places that rank at the top of the list include parts of CA, Washington DC, Northern VA and TX. Infants, young children and the elderly, people with lung issues and other medical issues, or those who work/exercise outside are all at a higher risk. Moving to a less polluted area may be the best answer.

You’ve Got A Friend

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong social network. Living near people with whom you enjoy spending time, share common interests, and that show genuine interest and concern for your wellbeing is priceless. So, when your best friend or social group suggests all moving to live closer together you may ask, why not?!

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Did you meet your soulmate on a dating website? It happens more and more these days. And, the people we are engaging with don’t always live right in our own backyard, so to speak. When there’s just no denying it, moving for love is as good a reason as any. Ahh, now that’s amore!

Need help thinking through your own moving reasons or helping your children understand your choices? Take a look at this fun and thought-provoking activity offered by National Geographic that explores “human migration”.


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