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Moving This Month? – You’re Not Alone

May marks the beginning of moving season.

And the Tuesday after Memorial Day is actually considered “National Moving Day” – this year, May 30th.The percentage of moves in the U.S. run much higher – 4 to 40% higher in summer months – as opposed to other months of the year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you too may be planning for your own big move.

Book your services early.

A busy moving season means that more people are competing for the same services during the same busy months. There is no time to lose in securing the products and services that you’ll need. Are you planning on doing your own packing or will you hire someone? Will you need to reserve a storage unit at any point during the relocation? Do you plan on hiring movers or renting your own moving truck? If you have been holding off on making any of these decisions, the time to decide is now. Book your services and avoid the dilemma of coming up short when you need help the most.

Have a plan.

Time can fly between now and the date of your move. Make a list of all the actions that need to be taken between now and then. Include transferring records for jobs and schools, as well as packing, change of address notifications and utility connect/disconnect dates. Next, create a timeline, adding in fixed appointments first. When you write it all out, you might find that there is less time between now and moving day than you thought. A written plan is also a great way to calm any anxiety you may experience during the process. Keep referring to both your timeline and your list to reassure yourself that nothing has slipped under your radar.

Share your plan.

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to plan out how you’d like the entire process to go and then watch as no one else follows your plan! The best way to get the movers, your children, your spouse and all else involved to reasonably work together throughout this transition is to let them know the plan. Assign small tasks from your list to some of your family members. Post signs for the movers that clearly label the names of each room and bedroom in the new home. Use a shared calendar so that your family members all know when to expect movers and other services to arrive.


Moving time is difficult for all involved. Everyday rituals, rules and activities are thrown off and stress can be high. Don’t try to force things back into order. Give your family and yourself a little slack. Keep hydrated. Take breaks. Eat ice cream! Focus on all the positives of your move and help those around you focus on those too.

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