Seasonal storage is essential

Hello Sunshine!

Spring is here and it’s time to get out the bikes and put the snowboards back into storage!

Need Garage Storage Solutions?

Have you struggled in the past to locate (or even reach) your snowboards, skis, surfboards, bike helmets and other seasonal equipment? Do you recall unsuccessful episodes of trying to maneuver around a ten speed bicycle and a lawn mower with a heavy bag of trash in hand, and no clear path to the trash container in sight?

Imagine the ease of newfound walking space if these items weren’t in the way.

Well now that you’re moving, consider addressing this storage issue so that it isn’t an issue any longer.

When you are planning on moving, it’s makes sense to nip the problem in the bud. Things can get chaotic during a move. It’s a wise investment to plan for a solution that will eliminate the storage issue once and for all.

Look to see if your new residence has ample ceiling or wall space, perhaps in the garage. Then think about the items you will not need to access for another 6 months: leaf and snow blowers, snow shovels, skis.

Consider setting up your spaces to store your more cumbersome seasonal gear. Bicycles and other large items like seed spreaders can be easily stored and accessed by simply hanging them within arms reach on the wall with the right hook. Other items, like surf boards and snow boards may require more creative or speciality storage.

Are you downsizing or upsizing?

If you are downsizing, you may want to consider donating items that you will no longer need. You’ll feel good – lighter, charitable – and you’ll also create more storage space for other, more practical and important things.

If you are upsizing, use your newfound space wisely. Many people can be fooled into thinking they don’t need to part with things like outdated or outgrown equipment. They add more and newer stuff to the mix. In a short time you are overwhelmed once again and your larger home does not feel quite so large.

If you need help planning before your move OR setting up your spaces once you’ve moved in, give All Right Moves™ a call – we can help! Whether you get help or do it on your own, make the effort to set up your storage space. You’ll have a new home minus the old challenges and those struggles will be so “last season”.. literally.

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