How to have a family reunion when you move.

Celebrate Family Reunion Month – Here’s How!

Moving away and already missing family? Well, July is a great month to do something about it! Many social groups including churches observe National Family Reunion Month in the month of July¹.

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family

… in another city.” ~ George Burns

July is Family Reunion Month. If you are in the process of a move, a family reunion might seem daunting. However it might be a great way get the family together one last time before leaving or to introduce family members to your new home.

There’s still time to pull it off and here are some ideas that can help make it happen:

Moving and Family Reunions

Pick the Right Location. Narrow down your choices with a quick survey of family needs:

  • Are there elderly family members who cannot travel? – Bring the party to them!
  • Finances a big concern? – Share a large beach or lake house rental or an AirBnB or go camping.
  • Have you done more than enough moving around already this year? – Be the host and let them come to you.

Manage the Menu. Whether it is a one day shindig or a weekend event, don’t let your move hold you back. Allow all participants to fill a need on the menu:

  • Each family provides a certain meal or meals.
  • Create “teams” to provide certain portions of each meal: i.e. The Dessert Team.
  • Order out! There’s no rule that you have to do the cooking yourselves. Offer the option for everyone to chip in for take out.

Make it Super Fun! Whether you’re a group of like-minded people who all love outdoor sports or indoor board games, there are ways to keep the party fun for everyone. Here are a few ideas²:

  • Name that Baby! – Divide the group into teams and give each team a sheet full of family baby pictures. Make sure there are pictures of older and younger family members, those near and far and maybe some historic family members. The team that gets the most names correct wins.
  • What’s This? – Go through some photos on your computer and zoom in on objects (a clock, trophy, teacup, etc) or backgrounds (i.e. wallpaper, bedspreads, tablecloths, etc) and print out a photo of just that item. This could be a statue on Grandma’s dresser, a painting in Uncle Joe’s den or the wallpaper in Aunt Mary’s kitchen. Pass the pictures around and see who can identify what they’re looking at: What is it? Where can it be located?
  • Wall of Fame. – For one Reyman family reunion, I decided to make a poster with small, wallet-sized photos of each attendee. I left the poster on the dining room table all week with a bunch of colored markers. Throughout the week, family members would wander in, look at the photos and use the markers to write a word or two under some of the photos. The poster filled up with great comments and my mother-in-law ended up having it framed. Years later, it is the first thing you see when you enter her home!
    You can pick up sweet treats, lottery tickets or dollar-store toys for prizes.

How can All Right Moves help?

Have you just been through a relocation and can’t imagine planning an event right now? All Right Moves can send a team of professionals to get your new home quickly unpacked and well-organized right away. You’ll be surprised at how motivated and liberated you will feel, having your spaces in order! We’ll be there to get you moved in so you can move on…with Life!




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