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5 College Essentials You Didn’t Think Of

Think you’re ready?

It is August and we are seeing cars on the highway packed to the gills with the “bare essentials” that their cargos of budding scholars will need to survive the upcoming term. Some are returning veterans, others, newly fledged and tingling with anticipation and trepidation of their uncharted future.

5 Essentials for College Easy Living

Here is a list of five essentials that will provide comfort and ease for both rookies and veterans of higher learning environs.

  1.  TOWER FAN. Dorm-rooms and college apartments can really heat up. They are often tightly crammed spaces and there is not always great ventilation. Standard, round, oscillating fans can have a large footprint and may not fit well in your room. Try getting a tower fan. They are strong and easy to use and move.
  2. FILTERED WATER PITCHER.  Many kids pack cases of water bottles to take to college. Instead, they can pack one pitcher that fits in their dorm fridge and save money and a lot of plastic!
  3. COMMAND® STRIPS and HOOKS. They may have packed all the items they’ll need but have they considered where they will put them? With Command® products, hanging pictures is easy and does not have to ever mar a wall in that college rental apartment. A well placed hook may not seem to affect much, but when running in and out to classes and events, it can be just the thing to make grab and go a breeze!
  4. DIGITAL CALENDAR. A shared digital calendar, such as Google Calendar, will save a lot of headaches when trying to keep up with school, family and work schedules. Families can plan around finals week schedules; and arranging transportation home for the holidays will be easier to work out.
  5. APPS. Apps are not just for checking status updates. There are apps to manage just about anything you can think of! To help with managing college life, try these three apps for ordering cheap textbooks, setting up rides and finding hot-spots: Chegg, Lyft and Wi-Fi Finder. Worried about gaining that “Freshman 15” pounds? Use Skimble to access free, short workouts (5 to 15 minutes) you can do anytime and almost anywhere!

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